About Cvkvlv

Woodpeckers are medicine birds, respected for their persistence and power

The largest and strongest of the woodpeckers is the Cvkvlv, the ivory-billed woodpecker. Traditional Mvskoke medicine practitioners still use songs about the Cvkvlv. Its own song was recorded only once, in 1935.

Cvkvlv is pronounced CHUH kuh luh, kind of like chocolate.

Thought to be extinct, the Cvkvlv was heavily affected by the removal of Indigenous people from its habitat, including the Mvskoke, in the Trail of Tears and other removals. After that, for a hundred years colonizers further destroyed its habitats until it could live no longer.

Now, with your help and Cvkvlv.com, we have brought the Cvkvlv back to life for all to know about in my art and life.

My hope is my beadwork and other art brings good medicine to you in honor of the great Cvkvlv!