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Cvkvlv.com officially opened July 9, 2023. I will be adding new content and products on a constant basis, so stop by frequently.

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What does Cvkvlv mean?

Glad you asked! Cvkvlv is the Mvskoke word for the ivory-billed woodpecker, an important medicine bird in our traditions.

Here is our page with image and more info (and even more soon):


Can non-Indigenous people ethically wear these products?

Absolutely yes! Enjoy your purchases here in peace. Cvkvlv.com does not sell sacred or ceremonial regalia, and our jewelry does not contain endangered or forbidden by law for non-Indigenous to own items.


Custom Orders

If you are interested in a custom order, please reach out to me. Most of my designs can be made with a wide variety of color combinations and sizes. What I cannot do is copy another artists work.

Custom orders are final and non-returnable.


Shipping Policies

We ship to the United States and Canada via USPS only.

We do not ship to any other countries, nor do we have plans to do so in the future.


Taxes and other Fees

We do not collect taxes or other fees. Any taxes, customs and/or other fees are the responsibility of the customer.


Return Policies

Cvkvlv.com is deeply interested in your satisfaction and non-custom products have a 14 day return policy. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or are not satisfied.

There may be rare times, when beyond either of our control a product needs to be returned or exchanged.

To initiate a return/exchange or for essential details on returning products and refunds, please view this page: